We are Star Republic

Through a diverse mix of people, we turn new bold ideas into unique experiences for digital commerce.


With Burning hearts and a beautiful mind

Our more than 70 developers, innovators, and designers unite with common passion allowing complimentary competencies to challenge digital commerce and incorporating new perspectives. We are one of the strongest and most skilled players in the digital commerce market.

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We are challenging the world of digital commerce!

We strive to grab new possibilities, not to stutter or trip, but to walk with determination, to walk with passion, and decode the unknown and the known.

Unified Commerce

Exceed Expectations. Where it truly Matters.

Unified Commerce is about meeting customers needs at every touchpoint and exceeding their expectations where it truly matters. In short it's really about creating the best possible experience regardless why, how, where, who or when customers choose to interact and engage with a service, product or brand.

Our strengths

All our expertise create a strong force. Every part is needed to create a whole, so that we can deliver high-quality results that make a real difference. Every day we work to create meaningful and relevant experiences for real people.



Our key strategy is to the create meaningful, relevant experiences reflecting genuine understanding of the real people affected by our daily work. By mapping insights gleaned from this, we prioritize the actions that generate the greatest impact and business benefits.



Design is not just appearance. Design is problem solving. By constantly focusing on people's needs, desires, and expectations, we create smart, useful, and unique personal experiences that add real value.



Technical skills are what actually gets stuff done. We nurture ideas and make them a reality. Our developers possess the unparalleled know-how to create brilliant solutions daily.



Cooperation is a necessity when seeking to create optimal solutions that benefit both users and the business. Our dedicated, tight teams blend myriad skills and perspectives together working to complement one another.

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