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An eCom tailor made for a classic product with a truly digital-first business model.

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About the project

There are three words that define the approach taken by SQLI to design the Charles Tyrwhitt website: premium purchasing experience. The design team at SQLI created a clean and contemporary site that takes the Charles Tyrwhitt customer on a journey. Clean visuals, elegant styling and simple lines capture the brand ethos perfectly. The experience, enhanced by the gamification of purchasing, unlocks discounts for the customer rather than using flashy, downmarket discounting. The goal was to provide Charles Tyrwhitt with a platform that aligned with its upmarket branding strategy and that appealed to a broader customer base. The result was precisely what the customer wanted.

Led by SQLI/Redbox creative director, Paul Lewis, the website design set out to overcome three very specific challenges for the Charles Tyrwhitt brand.




Unlike many brands in the premium menswear market, whose main revenue were driven from retail or wholesale, Oliver Sweeney had already established itself with a strong online offering and wished to capitalise on this with the latest trends in ecommerce. Oliver Sweeney looked for an online solution and reliable platform which offered the latest technologies with longevity, which could grow with the business without the worry of having to re-platform after only a couple of years. The ultimate goal for Oliver Sweeney is to integrate with a platform that allows for a long term vision of a full omnichannel experience for the customer.


#1: Simplify discounting to introduce a premium feel

Charles Tyrwhitt required that the new site simplify its multi-buy approach so it communicated premium value as opposed to overt discounting. The user experience needed to flow throughout the purchasing experience so customers could see that they were financially benefitting from their multiple purchases.

SQLI introduced a subtle gamification process that encourages multiple purchase loops with a visible progress bar that shows how close the customer is to unlocking lower pricing. The simplified multi-buy approach uses flags to indicate how many shirts the customer needs to purchase before a lower price is unlocked and is applied throughout the shopping experience. This multi-buy feature is also now automatically added to the basket and checkout process so that repeat purchases easy, and it activates across the site so the customer isn’t forced to hunt for relevant products.

This was further enhanced with outfit building tools and repeat sizing so that the customer doesn’t need to constantly re-enter information. This automatically removes a consistent customer pain point and streamlines the route from basket to checkout.

The customer no longer sees ‘in your face’ discounting. Every step is subtle and carefully designed to create a  clean and simple space where the customer enjoys the shopping experience and makes their life easier.

#2: Create a purchasing journey

Charles Tyrwhitt wanted a site that did more than ‘just sell shirts’, it wanted a full-service customer portal that encouraged increased purchasing of its products. It needed to create different journeys for different clothing categories, increase conversion, improve cross-merchandising, and redefine the site’s visual appeal.

To achieve this, SQLI found new ways to sell trousers, accessories, suits and knitwear, et al, through an innovative outfit building tool. Embedded within the listing page, the tool helps customers ‘Get the Look’ with just a few clicks, and allows for deeper engagement throughout the Charles Tyrwhitt site. This ‘Get the Look’ user design is incorporated into list pages and allows for the customer to benefit from the multi-buy offers while also creating a style that suits their needs. This fundamentally refined the purchasing process and supported Charles Tyrwhitt’s strategy of being about more than ‘just shirts’.

Using visual filtering and wizards, the team made product selection easier and more intuitive with a crisp and contemporary display that highlights products and lifestyle imagery to their full potential. SQLI considered all aspects of the brand from photography to typography, messaging, layout and conversation methodologies throughout the design process.

#3: Optimised for mobile

Charles Tyrwhitt wanted to improve the mobile experience to ensure that anyone, on any device, could appreciate the user experience and site design. This was a critical factor for the brand as it wanted to ensure that its upmarket and premium look and feel was conveyed throughout all touchpoints in the omnichannel. A mobile-first strategy also aligned with the brand’s focus on a contemporary and younger demographic without alienating its older and more traditional customer base.

SQLI created a mobile-friendly design that introduced a fresh and confident feel to the site. The final design conveying a sense of relaxed confidence and elegant ease that appeals to both the older and more contemporary markets. The user experience is logical, practical and classical – the perfect combination for a site wanting to attract a dynamic and aspirational market.


The final touch

SQLI re-invented, re-thought and re-imagined the Charles Tyrwhitt experience without compromising on the brand’s integrity and strategy. The team developed a clean and crisp site that allows for easy flow of customer movement throughout the Charles Tyrwhitt product range, that gamifies the discounting process, and that allows for innovative outfit building and customer engagement. It met every part of the Charles Tyrwhitt brief and elevated the website to meet the brand’s sharp, stylish and innovative persona.

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