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About the project

STS Alpresor was founded in 1976 and is the Nordic region's largest organizer of trips to the Alps. In 2016, STS Alpresor decided to hire Star Republic to update the digital user experience on their web. The project's top priority has been to find the perfect blend between the customer's need for flexibility and simplification.


The primary challenge was dual in nature; update the E-commerce system to Epi 9 while offering a fresh redesign. The purpose of the new design was clarity and inspiration for both customer and the editorial staff. As the travel industry continuously has dynamic new offers, the site needed to be easy to update enabling clean, concise navigation to inspire the user's traveling dreams.



As the intent was to improve the site over time, this project was a step along the way. The company needed experienced and professional developers and designers who could quickly understand the complexity of this type of solution. STS Alpresor works with many different campaigns and product categories. A dedicated inhouse team manages this work. Star Republic undestood the need to be flexible in our way of working to create as effective a project as possible together with all those involved.


  • Our dedicated team managed to deliver a site that creates a clear overview inspiring the client to learn more about the different destinations and activities that STS Alpresor offers. 
  • The editors can now work more efficiently with the creation of the content on the site which is elegantly scaled for different screen sizes. 
  • The flexibility included makes the work both more joyful and successful. 
  • The page is based on an updated version of Epi server that provides more opportunities for implementing new functionality. 
  • The next step for the solution is to continue simplifying booking travel through multiple updates.

Typography and inspiration

STS Alpresor has a lot of content that needed proper space to be easy for the user act on. Larger typography and clear icons created an expression that fits the STS Alpresor brand and amount of information. We chose to group some information in blocks that further highlighted the important parts of the page. At the bottom,  we collected important links and contact information in a clear footer.


The first part of the slope is pisted, now we look forward to reaching more altitude meters together.

The team at Star Republic

The value created

  • The interaction between the editorial staff and the customer has increased becoming ever more friendly.
  • The editors find the CMS clear and logical for their daily work.
  • Users find navigation of the site clearer.
  • The solution is more future-proof and allows for more flexible content. An example of this is that the text and image are separated allowing for precision updating.

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