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Place: Online webinar (in Swedish)

Buy a box. Then think outside of it. 

Are you dreaming of a new or updated e-commerce? But both time and budget feel tight? Do not despair. With the right project design and a smart framework, maybe you can start your project earlier than expected? In this webinar (in Swedish) you will learn more about how.

We often meet customers who want to avoid long, slow-moving, costly IT projects in favor of projects with faster time-to-market and a more gradual investment. This without limiting the current platform choice, quality and innovation for that matter.

Start small, scale fast

Our answer to this type of challenge is usually to build the solution on a strong, well-proven, framework filled with all the basic features needed in a modern e-commerce (like our own IGNITE framework). And then gradually scale up the e-commerce solution as you get more time and budget.

Working according to this type of "Minimum Viable Product" (MVP)-method is a smart way to not lose momentum and keep control of the investment.

During this webinar, we gather some of our sharpest e-commerce brains in the same room and share our thoughts on:

  • How a modern e-commerce project differs from a "classic" one
  • Common customer challenges in connection with the start-up / planning of a project
  • What we mean by MVP and what opportunities and challenges such a project model has from the following perspectives:
    • Organisation
    • Customer experience
    • Technique
  • Experiences from MVP projects where we worked with a framework
  • Do’s and Don’ts + smart tips on how to get started
  • Q&A


  • Bengt Wessborg, CSO, Star Republic


  • Mårten Bokedal, CMO Sweden, Episerver
  • Jenny von Sydow, Project Manager and Team Leader, Star Republic
  • Viktor Bergman Talani, Technical Lead Episerver, Star Republic
  • Daniel Miari, CXO, Star Republic

Creating the platform of your dreams.

At Star Republic and Optimizely we believe that creating an ecom with a short time to market and a reasonable budget shouldn't confine you to a box. With the IGNITE framework from Star Republic you will have the full Optimizely/EPiServer experience and still have the money and time left to innovate, customize and create the platform of your dreams.

Check out our webinar below and contact us for a demo!

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