How to build a winning Unified Commerce strategy

International webinar

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International webinar: How to build a winning Unified Commerce strategy

2020 represented a new decade for the digital world, but this has been a particularly challenging year due to the global pandemic. The world economy is under pressure and at the same time we are witnessing a tremendous acceleration in digital commerce.

Together with our friends within the SQLI family we invite you to join us for a webinar full of theories and great international examples which will help you on your Unified Commerce journey, building a winning strategy. 

Many of our customers in the retail industry have seen their online sales multiplied since March and are experiencing a growth level they never experienced before.

For many retailers Unified Commerce has become the corner stone of a winning digital strategy in a very complex environment for two reasons:

1 - The customer behavior has changed which makes it more difficult to capture, convert and retain customers both for B2C and B2B organisations

2 – The digital ecosystem in Unified Commerce is increasingly hard to master, making the ROI goal an even greater challenge to meet

The key question is: “How can you build your Unified Commerce strategy to ensure business success for the coming years?”. Our community of Unified Commerce experts would like to invite you to a webinar based on the international success of our Unified Commerce Webinar series and white paper.

Find out how to:

  • Understand you customers and the market
  • Design your platform to meet marketplace opportunities
  • Master your data to spread your products
  • Nurture your customers with an omnichannel CRM
  • Design the best Customer Experience for every touchpoint
  • Leverage killer content to enhance your marketing efforts
  • Make your stores ready for omnichannel commerce
  • Make your own Unified Commerce business case (best ROI examples)
  • Stephen Demange - Consulting Director, Experience Strategy, SQLI
  • Bengt Wessborg - Chief Business Officer, Star Republic, SQLI Group
  • Fredrik Bergström - Strategy and Business Development, Star Republic, SQLI Group
  • Roy Machielsen - Managing Director, Osudio, SQLI Group

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