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Time: On demand

Place: Online webinar

Star Republic & Symplify join forces to deliver the digital pep talk of the century.

After what can only be described as a tough start to 2020 for essentially anyone in the digital sphere, things are starting to look up. But before we rush back to normal, let’s take a look at what we are rushing back to. 

With the restart, relaunch, reset webinar you'll be getting everything you will ned to fine-tune your digital presence within the following areas:

SEO - How was search affected during the 1st half of 2020? The impact of search behavior and visibility in Sweden? What do you need to do to prepare for the 2nd half of 2020?

SEM - Were your ads optimized for radically different intent patterns? How can you effectively plan your ad spend for the rest of the year?

CRO - Did user behavior on your site look different from the first half of 2019? The short answer: Yes. How to optimize during the low period to be ready for peak time. 

Marketing Automation - Will your site's infrastructure handle the resurgence of visitors? Are you reaching your customers in the right channel, with the right message, at the right time?

Do not miss what promises to be a one-stop-shop for everyone looking to gear up for the remainder of 2020.

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