Let's Ignite your e-commerce!

The Ignite framework for faster time to market

Our customers often ask us how they can launch and scale a modern e-commerce solution faster. There are of course a few different ways to go about this but our general recommendation is to have a clear strategy from the start where the first goal is launching an MVP (minimum viable product).

This can be done with a smaller budget, and then you can gradually scale the solution to a global one with billions of transactions over time. We have chosen to build a framework for an enterprise e-commerce on Episerver, a well-known platform named in the Gartner quadrant.

Our framework called IGNITE is based on Episerver Commerce and Content Cloud - with optional products in the DXP suite. The reason for choosing Episerver for our framework is that their proven track record ensures that you are provided with a solid foundation. A good start, right?

To achieve high performance and good customer experience we use our headless PWA solution IGNITE. Having the backend being API first you can grow to more channels when needed and go to market faster when the backend and frontend are separated.

Our proven headless IGNITE solution is built with state-of-the-art technologies and hosted securely on Episerver DXP in Microsoft Azure. Several of our customers like Rapunzel, Efva Attling and DeLaval run their online business on IGNITE.

- IGNITE comes with a complete starter site including both backend and frontend meaning that you as a customer can kick start your project faster and focus on value adding features.

Viktor Bergman Talani, Solutions Architect, Star Republic

Built for speed

Our IGNITE framework is simply built for speed and can guarantee:

  • A faster time to market
  • Out of the box ready-made components and integrations e.g Adyen, Klarna Checkout and Ingrid
  • A future proof solution for new integrations
  • Low latency
  • SEO optimization
  • Performance optimization

Get an idea of what's included

In the matrix you can get a quick overview of the IGNITE set up.


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