Time to sell through Marketplaces?

The fact that a player like Amazon establishes itself in the Swedish market means new exciting opportunities, but also that you will meet some new challenges as the competition rises.

Your next step

As a retailer, it is now important to act fast, find an approach to the new game plan and start thinking about how a presence on Amazon (if you have not already jumped on the bandwagon) will work in the future.

We are ready to help you drive even more sales by including marketplaces in your channel mix in a smart way. Maybe you want quick help to get started on Amazon or maybe you are just looking to get a more long-term strategy for marketplaces in place? Regardless, we are here and guide you in big and small issues.

Our way of working

Current situation analysis

We map out what the potential looks like for your particular brand and products by taking a closer look at your offer in relation to the competitors, keywords, positioning and trends. This in order to give us a good foundation to build on.


Questions such as "How do I get started in a practical way?", "How does the logistics work?" or "How can my brand gain visibility on Amazon?" is usually answered in connection with us working together to develop a strategy for how your products should be best sold on A clear strategy creates a clear goal and direction for your investment and makes it easier to analyze and follow up your sales.


We help you optimize your Amazon store by reviewing areas related to advertising your products such as SEO, PPC and your product images and texts.

Get started

Drop us a message and maybe we can meet up for a digital coffee and talk more about Amazon and other marketplaces. The first chat is of course always free of charge. See ya!

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