We believe in putting your customer at the centre. Our Unified Commerce offer is focused on addressing the modern customer's unique needs regardless through which touchpoint they interact with your brand. We create strategies that paired with the right technology, creates seamless and outstanding customer experiences. Let's find out how we can help you create even more business value!

How we do it!

Unified Commerce is a large ecosystem where all parts of our offer are intertwined into a masterplan that will help you succeed. Many different parts need to be considered in order to create a successful e-commerce based on this foundation, where Strategy is one important part. To get an overview of our Unified Commerce, please take a look at our complete offer. 


Why the need for a Unified Commerce strategy?

A Unified Commerce strategy includes a concept and a vision that makes the e-commerce journey clear and appealing. It is also a roadmap to follow in order to reach the vision and goals for all interested parties, always with the customer in the centre. Without a strategy the risks to drive cost, investing in the wrong technology, choosing solutions not supporting your goals and scenarios are likely to increase. 


How we create a successful Unified Commerce Strategy

Star Republic's proven methodology for creating a Unified Commerce strategy has been refined after several hundreds of strategy deliveries. Our unique partner network, consisting of several hundreds of partners including many of the leaders e-Commerce platforms, is a constant source for new innovation and trends which we include in our strategy work. Our experience spans from large international e-commerce roll-outs to smaller local ones. Based on that experience we create realistic and specific strategies and roadmaps that are actually possible to execute on. As the "cherry on top" we can actually build and implement what we suggest in our strategy work and operate as your "one-stop-shop" agency. 


We can offer strategy workshops on different levels helping you to create a solid foundation for your Unified Commerce investment. Let's talk and find out which level that will suit your specific needs!


Small - 2 weeks

This workshops suits businesses in need of a quick overview/strategy work in order to sort out which actions and focus areas that should be decided on before starting your project. During 2 weeks our strategists work closely with your team reviewing existing material, conducting a workshop and analyzing findings in order to create the best conditions for success. 


  • Presentation of actions and focus areas in a PowerPoint- and video format. 
  • Feedback and input on ongoing initiatives and strategies on a high level and recommendations for next step


Medium - 4 weeks

Compared to the Small workshop this one is a more in depth strategy workshop tailor made for businesses in need of a deep dive before taking bigger decisions. During 4 weeks our strategists work with your team and in addition to reviewing material, conducting a workshop and analyzing findings they also conduct interviews and help you prioritize different actions/goals in order to create a clear roadmap. 


  • Presentation of actions and focus areas in a physical meeting
  • Feedback and input on ongoing initiatives and strategies, business case, backlog and recommendations for next step
  • Documentation in a PowerPoint and Video recording (or in another format depending on your wishes and purpose)




Depending on your scope, ambition level and needs, we go deeper and deliver a more extensive strategy work. In this step we can focus on creating a complete strategy covering all areas of your business or zoom in on specific parts of it. We can give you suggestions and recommendations for how to go about the process, but you decide depending on your needs and vision.


Learn more about Unified Commerce

When you are at the beginning of your Unified Commerce journey, it can feel like you are standing in front of a large mountain to climb. Therefore, we have gathered our best insights, tips and models to inspire both you who have worked with e-commerce for many years as well as you who are in the starting blocks.

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