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UX and Design

The will to constantly deliver beyond expectations, challenge old truths, be curious and innovate is a part of our DNA. With insights as a driving force and design as a tool our design team contributes to making this world a more beautiful place where your vision and your customers' goals meet in a perfect harmony.

How we do it!


Customer insights lead the way and the customer experience has become more important than ever. We believe that every business now is a part of the experience industry and digital transformation is all about building eco systems and organizations which bring people and businesses closer together 



The core of our method is to constantly learn more about your customer in order to create a solution which facilitates a meaningful experience. How? By identifying touch points, leveraging your unique strengths while unifying the entire experience by using real time data and creating seamless connections. 


Time for a change? But unsure of what should be the next step? We help you find the answers through our tight, simple, preparatory and smart workshops. 


The User

What do you really know about your users? What actions are they planning to perform when they visit your channels and what are the expectations? 

In our workshop "The User" our strategists help you to map situations, driving forces/motivation and your users' expectations. All based on the customer journey. 


  • Documentation filled with insights ready to use in your future work
  • A template for user interviews

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The Design Mission

Do you know what you want to achieve with your design? What should it actually help to change and improve?

In our workshop "The Design Mission" our strategists help you map what you need to know about your users and how you should act in order to reach your design goals.


  • A set of rules to lean on when you make your future design decisions
  • Documentation and insights to use in your upcoming design work

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The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

How well does your design respond to the users' expectations? 

In our workshop "The Good, The Bad, The Ugly" you and our strategists take a look at your current solution in order to identify what is working well, which challenges it has and discuss which changes can be made in order to create even better and value adding experiences. If your company operates on a global market we make sure to also take a look at how these improvements can be rolled out on a larger scale. 

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Get started with our UX audit - free of charge

Are you standing at a crossroads when it comes to your UX and design work. Our free audit provides you with an as-is analysis and some suggestions on how you can take the next step. Get in touch and we'll tell you more about it!

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Check out smart solutions and ideas from our customers and the wonderful world of e-commerce. We are of course providing our observations as well. Enjoy!

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