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Is it possible to launch and scale a modern e-commerce solution really fast? Of course! With a solid business idea, clear strategy and using the MVP (minimum viable product) approach, you could have a new e-commerce solution up and running in no time. 

The secret is to utilise a pre-built framework. At Star Republic we've invested time and effort into creating our very own, edge-cutting framework — Ignite.

Built with state-of-the-art technology based on Optimizely Commerce and Content Cloud, hosted in Microsoft Azure, Ignite offers everything you need to run a modern e-commerce – with room to scale and grow. Currently, several of our customers such as Rapunzel, Nelson Garden and DeLaval run their online sales with the Ignite foundation. 

Learn more on how to kickstart your e-commerce and scale with Ignite.

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Benefits of using a framework

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Faster time to market

The Ignite framework provides all essential parts needed and gets your business up and running in no time.

seo optimization

SEO Optimization

With everything already set up in the right place, you have all possibilities of becoming the search engines' new best friend.

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Low latency

Speed is everything and the Ignite framework delivers just that. Top-notch stability and latency all throughout.

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Performance optimisation

A solution that grows together with your business. Freedom and flexibility to scale and optimise your solution. 

Make it your own

Out of the box & customizable

With a solid design and UX features already in place, there's nothing that stops you from creating a solution that is completely customized to your brand. 

ignite desktop
ignite phone

Mobile friendly

Adaptive and fully responsive to meet the expectations of users at every touch-point. Ignite offers a modern mobile design for shoppers on the go. 

Payment integrations

No worries! We already have the most popular payment integrations in place. Making sure that your customers can shop and pay from day one.

payment integration

Kick start your project faster and focus on value adding features.

Viktor Bergman Talani, Solutions Architect, Star Republic

All about growth for Nelson Garden


Personalized all the way

For Nelson Garden speed was key when launching their new e-commerce solution. With the Ignite framework, fully functional with all integrations implemented, we were able to help them launch in record time. We’re currently developing the solution to meet the future needs – helping Nelson Garden to grow their business.

We're incredibly pleased with what we managed to accomplish within a very tight timeframe. The Ignite framework enabled us to launch our new solution in just a few months.

— Michael Töråsen, E-commerce Manager at Nelson Garden

Customizable modules

The Ignite framework gives you all the possibilities to make it your own. Create a look and feel that's true to your brand throughout the entire solution. Details matter and Ignite offers plenty of ways to customize content to fit the needs of your business. 

Buy a box. Then think outside of it.

At Star Republic, we believe that launching an e-commerce with a short time to market and a reasonable budget shouldn't confine you to a box. Together with our partner Optimizely and  the Ignite framework  you will get the full e-commerce experience and still have the money and time left to innovate, customize and create the platform of your dreams.

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