Star ❤️ SQLI = true

By — Mikael Andersson

And finally it’s official. Star Republic, which I founded together with Bengt Wessborg and Patric Svensson in 2003, is taking the final step to fully become SQLI Nordics. It all started in 2017, when we were contacted by SQLI - a French company with over 2000 employees and a clear vision of becoming Europe's leading supplier of e-commerce solutions. Just like us, they saw a monumental change coming up where corporations no longer would consider their digital and physical businesses two different things, but rather just variations on one, single, business model. Where the boundaries between online and offline gets ever more blurred out over time (just as it does in all other aspects of lifes for their end customers), but where also nation boundaries keep losing meaning in commerce.

Star_SQLI-2Mikael Andersson, CEO, and Patric Svensson, CTO

How many of the e-commerce purchases you did recently have truly been “Swedish”? If you have recently bought anything from Zalando or Amazon, your products have most likely been travelling from Germany on a truck, and my new running shoes from arrived in no time from Poland. Since just a few weeks back, hospitals, independent doctors and nursing homes have been able to order medications from Apotekets new B2B portal that we have created, and farmers in South Korea have just recently been able to start using the new e-commerce platform we have developed for Delaval.

It’s true in life that people tend to attract others that share traits and similarities, and we believe that to be true also for organizations and companies. In our case that has meant clients with high ambitions. Once their e-commerce solutions have been launched and proved its business value, our clients also get an increasing appetite for more, for taking their next step. In that part, our aim has been to keep challenging and improving their business, and a large part of that has meant to support them also when entering new markets and business segments. For this we need to have a truly international mindset - and muscles - to be able to realize their visions. These possibilities would no doubt drastically improve by becoming an integrated part of SQLI, so in the long run it was pretty much a no-brainer to become SQLI Nordics.

So - what will happen to Star Republic, you might wonder. Well, the answer is really simple. Star Republic will be what it always has been - just more of it. Our core, the vision of being able to “Challenge the world of digital commerce” is more true than ever. What has changed is really just that our possibilities to achieve our goals have now drastically improved. We are now part of a business group with 2100 employees in 13 countries. If we have good developers? Yes, well thousands of them, actually. If we could help Client A establish a presence in Belgium on a short notice, both physically as well as digitally? Yep, no probs.

That good e-commerce will keep demanding innovation, world class design and UX, cutting edge tech and a yearly event at Liseberg where our clients and partners can ride roller coasters and drink beer together is ofcourse needless to say.

Star Republic never dies. In fact, our journey has just begun.

Mikael Andersson
CEO, Star Republic / SQLI Nordics