Whitepaper: Get started with CX

By — Ola Linder

Own your Customer Experience

All interactions a client have with your brand are connected. And if you, who are responsible for the total experience, don't have a clear understanding of them all you are risking letting your biggest flaws rather than your best characteristics define the experience. And you wouldn't even know about it.

A customer experience refers to the sum of all the interactions a person has with a brand, regardless of the touchpoint.

We know, we know. It might feel a bit like a mountain to climb. But taking of the blindfold, working in a structured manner to make sure that your brand, offer and corporation is always portrayed in the best possible manner, is the right thing to do. And in fact, it doesn't necessarily have to be that hard. The solution is, with a Customer Experience (CX) perspective, to create an overview of all interactions (whether they are physical or digital), thus giving you a real possibility of improving them.

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